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Candidate Forum (Hosted by The Current/The Splash)

This event was put together by Civic teachers all throughout the Valley high schools (EV, WV, CV and U-Hi). High School students worked with their teachers to put together one specific question for each candidate and an opportunity for a rebuttal of their opponents question. Once the forum was completed, Spokane County then helped the students run a "Mock Election." This was a great opportunity for the students to interact with the candidates and learn how this election process works. There were several students who spoke at length with Candidate Peetz. They said they related with her and appreciated her clarifying a few issues. This is what the whole process is all about. What a great way to help our Valley youth get involved in what's going on in our community.
Candidate Peetz taking time to listen to the questions of some of the high school students who attended this form at West Valley high School. These high school students said they felt they could relate to Candidate Peetz.
Candidate Linda Thompson (Hatcher) and her table.
Candidate Pamela Haley, Mayor/Candidate Rod Higgins, Kay Wright McGlocklin and Candidate Linda Thompson (Hatcher). Each candidate had the opportunity for an opening statement, one specific question from the students, a rebuttal to their opponents question and a closing.  It was a great opportunity to hear from all of the candidates.
Candidates Rod Higgins and Chris Jackson for Position #1
Candidates Caleb Collier and Brandi Peetz for Position #2 Mrs. Peetz responding to her question about the Freeman High School shootings and safety in our schools.
Candidates Ed Pace and Ben Wick for Position #3
Candidates Pamela Haley and Angie Beem for Position #4 Candidates Mike Munch and Linda Thompson (Hatcher) for Position #5
Brandi and her husband Chad.  He is always there to help support her.  Each City Council member makes a commitment and it requires them to spend time away from home.  It's a family commitment for the betterment of the community.  We thank the current council members and all those before them for making this sacrifice.

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Re-Elect Brandi Peetz
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